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STEAK MEXICANO Ribeye $15.99 | T-bone $16.99
Smothered with grilled onions, bell peppers and
STEAK AND SHRIMP Ribeye $17.99 | T-bone $18.99
Plain steak served with 5 merinated shrimp.  
STEAK RANCHERO Ribeye $15.99 | T-bone $16.99
Topped with our delicious ranchero salsa.  
STEAK TAMPIQUENO Ribeye $15.99 | T-bone $16.99
Plain 10 oz. steak served with a tossed salad.  
Your choice of a 10 oz. ribeye or a 10 oz. semi-boneless T-bone.
Served with rice, beans, baked potato and tortillas.
The consumption of raw or uncooked foods such as meat, fish and eggs that may contain harmful bacteria may cause serious illness or death.
To Order Call: 1(417) 778-1969